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Oskar Reinhart Collection 'Am Römerholz'

Hidden treasures of the collection

The third presentation

Certain seldom-shown works of art from the Collection will be spotlighted for a short time.

In this third presentation the focus is on a work from the Spanish school: the representative painting Corrida, executed around 1880-5, and ascribed to Eugenio Lucas Villamil.

The painting whisks the observer away directly into the world of Spanish bullfighting, which you can follow as if you were a spectator in the first row in the arena. Whole groups of amateurish bullfighters clash, so that man and beast can scarcely be told apart in the crush. Similar in composition to Goya's late lithographs the picture demonstrates in a dramatic manner just how closely a traditional festival can border on catastrophe.

Exhibition duration: 4 May - 20 August, 2017

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