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The Secret Armoire: Corot’s Figure Painting and the World of Reading

Edited by Mariantonia Reinhard-Felice, Oskar Reinhart Collection 'Am Römerholz', for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, with texts by Oskar Bätschmann, Gabriel Katzenstein, Vincent Pomarède, Mariantonia Reinhard-Felice and Kerstin Richter, Munich, 2011
German edition, Corot. L’Armoire Secrète. Eine Lesende im Kontext, Hirmer Verlag, Munich, 2011, ISBN 978-3-7774-3421-6
Revised and expanded english edition, Hirmer Verlag, Munich, 2011,
ISBN 978-3-7774-3841-2

This publication was issued to accompany the fourth ‘dossier' exhibition at the Sammlung Oskar Reinhart ‘Am Römerholz'. This was only the second exhibition in fifty years to focus on the figure paintings of Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, of which there are outstanding examples in our collection. Although Corot primarily described himself as a landscape painter, he did not regard his figure paintings as a secondary activity; on the contrary it was in this genre - in memorable figures with great emotional depths - that he worked out solutions to all his main artistic questions. Highly informative essays on Corot as a figure painter and detailed commentaries on individual works convey a multi-faceted picture of the highly individual path of a great artist whose work took him to the very brink of Modernism.

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