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Margret Stuffmann, Norbert Miller and Karlheinz Stierle, Eugène Delacroix: Reflections – Tasso in the Madhouse

Edited by Mariantonia Reinhard-Felice, Oskar Reinhart Collection 'Am Römerholz', for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Munich, 2008
English trade edition, Hirmer Verlag, Munich, 2008,
ISBN 978-3-7774-4515-1
German trade edition, Hirmer Verlag, Munich, 2008,
ISBN 978-3-7774-4525-0

 A highly concentrated selection of works relating to Eugène Delacroix' painting Tasso in the Madhouse, in the Oskar Reinhart Collection ‘Am Römerholz', shed new light on this key work in art history. The wide range of subjects covered in the exhibition and in the accompanying catalogue provided new insights into the self-image of a great artist on the threshold to modern art.

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