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History of the organ

The organ console
The organ console

The organ was never installed, since the Britannic was sunk during the First World War in 1916. The Welte company therefore sold the organ in question to Dr. August Nagel (1882-1943) and installed it at his residence in Stuttgart. Nagel had owned a highly successful camera manufacturer since 1908 and loved music.

Nagel returned the organ to the manufacturer in 1935 since he sold his house. Once again, the Welte company found another buyer and sold the instrument in 1937 to Dr. Eugen Kersting (1888-1958), owner of the electronics company Radium in Wipperfürth. Dr. Kersting had the instrument installed in a reception room with some additions. Werner Bosch (1916-1992), a German organ builder, was assigned to maintain the organ.

Britannic housing
Britannic housing

The organ designated as the sister instrument of the also well-maintained and restored Welte Philharmonic Organ at the Salomon Center in Tunbridge Wells, England. Inscriptions of "Salomoons" were also found in the Solomon Organ. Both organs were most likely built at the same time in the years 1913/14.

Britannic Organ
The organ console
View of the interior of the organ

Britannic reference No. 1
Britannic reference No. 2
Britannic reference No. 3
Britannic reference No. 4
Another reference to the Britannic

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