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The artistic oeuvre - Dürrenmatt the painter

For quite some time, Dürrenmatt’s art, in which he had indulged already at a very young age, remained unknown to the public. His “dramaturgical” works are often reinterpretations of mythological or religious themes. The Dürrenmatt Collection comprises about 1000 original works of art and several sketchbooks.

FD while drawing, 1948. Photo: Rolf Jeck
FD while drawing, 1948. Photo: Rolf Jeck

The Centre Dürrenmatt's holdings comprise some 1000 original works of art, a set of notebooks with Dürrenmatt's childhood drawings, and the story-telling drawings he created for his own children.

In addition to the Centre Dürrenmatt's collection, there exist several private collections of Dürrenmatt's works, including notably the collection belonging to the family of the restaurateur and great art lover Hans Liechti, a friend of Dürrenmatt's.

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