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Permanent exhibition "Friedrich Dürrenmatt - writer and artist"

Exhibition room. Photo : Pino Musi © CDN
Exhibition room. Photo : Pino Musi © CDN

The permanent exhibition highlights Dürrenmatt's visual art, as it relates to his literary oeuvre; it presents the various artistic techniques he adopted and the variety of topics he handled as a writer and artist.

Exhibited on the underground floor are Dürrenmatt's paintings and drawings, in an interplay with his literary production, thanks to the quotes and manuscripts on display.

"My drawings are not subsidiary to my literary works; they are the drawn and painted battlefields on which my literary struggles, adventures, experiments and defeats take place. "
During his youth, Friedrich Dürrenmatt hesitated for a long time between literature and painting. Although he at last opted for writing, he never stopped painting and drawing. He was in the habit of describing writing as his profession and painting as his passion, all the while closely linking the two activities.
Quotes and portraits exhibited in the entrance tower inform visitors about the author’s life and ideas. Dürrenmatt’s "Sistine Chapel" is located on the same level.
Prometheus fashioning Humans, 1988
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Minotaurus. Eine Ballade VII, 1984 – 85, Tusche, laviert, auf Papier, 40 × 30 cm, © CDN / Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
Icarus, 1971
Atlas III, 1978
Last General Assembly of the Federal Banking Establishment, 1966
[Critic using his quill like a spear], 1963
Labyrinth I: The disgraced Minotaur,1962
Crucifixion I, 1939 [1942]
Photo: Monique Jacot, 1963

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